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Need to figure out how to back my LJ up. I'll have to go through and delete the old quizzes and whatnot first. Oy. Kind of tempted to get a book too.
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happy Halloween everyone!

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i'm just here for the fanfic. ^_^

*snip snip*

Jun. 7th, 2009 11:27 pm
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so i love LJ and am often on LJ but i almost never read my friends page anymore.  mostly because so many of you are awesome, but i never really have enough time to read my gigantic friends list. 

so right now i am in the middle of a cut.  feel free to cut me if you don't read anymore, i've already cut most of you who haven't posted in months and i'm now working on weeding out others and sticking to the ones i either feel we have good connection with or maybe i just really enjoy reading your stuff.  however, if you really like reading my journal or would like to actively try and get to know each-other better but i cut you, let me know and i will add you back.  this isn't an "i hate you" cut, it's just an "oh my god my friends list is fucking huge" cut.

fuck yeah!

Apr. 3rd, 2009 08:07 pm
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in a unanimous decision by our supreme court, gay marriage is now legal in Iowa!!!
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guess who finally got divorced yesterday?

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did a massive friend/community cut. to give you an idea of how out of control my list had gotten, i'm down to 140 friends and 101 communities on my watched list. i had stopped reading the past couple weeks just because it was to big to read. i found myself scrolling more then reading.

in all actuality i will probably do another cut fairly soon if i find the list still to big.

not hatin on anyone. just needed done.
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steal and spend a whole lotta money.
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Reading Rainbow. because it's ReadingfuckingRainbow.
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"Is that lube on the curtain?"
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